A selection of our dresses:
Sarah Black
Gown featuring braiding, fur and a hood.
Price: 145 GBP
Milienn Green-Black
Costume with hood, lacing, and double sleeves
Price: 86 GBP
Johanna Black-Bordeaux
Dress with wide sleeves and double lacing
Price: 69 GBP
Kruseler Wimpel
With special kruseler-elements.
Price: 31 GBP
Beret with peacock feather
multi-coloured beret with peacock feather
Price: 22 GBP
Maria Black-Bordeaux
Hooded Gown with Taft Braid
Price: 139 GBP
Hermia Navy Blue-Ecru
Elegant linen costume with patterned braiding
Price: 111 GBP
Guinevere Dark Green-Ecru with Belt
Richly decorated medieval gown, with extra large skirt and with belt
Price: 174 GBP
Friedrich Bordeaux-Saffron
Reversible, color-lined mensurcot with long arms
Price: 95 GBP
Anna Black-Saffron
Gold-braided dress with braid
Price: 86 GBP
Sophia Olive Green-Black
Hooded gown with soft fur and double sleeves.
Price: 149 GBP
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