Frija Navy Blue-White

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Linen Colours 10'09: 1 ecru - 2 cream - 3 natural - 4 taupe - 5 olive - 6 light blue - 7 indigo - 8 navy blue - 9 pear - 10 yellow - 11 terracotta - 12 red - 13 bordeaux - 14 brown - 15 dark green - 16 black - 17 lime - 18 rose - 19 tea green - 20 mint - 21 turquoise.

This fine costume is made of linen in contrasting colours. The vertical seam accentuates your figure, and lacing at the back additionally facilitates a perfect fit.

Both, the décolleté piece and the wide hanging sleeves have a decorative braid of brocade (5cm) that shines like velvet in the light. (The braid is available in bordeaux and ecru only) The hem of the skirt is 500cm long, and that of the sleeves 150cm.

The costume can be worn with or without crinoline (hoop- skirt). Wash at 30 C, iron at low setting.
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