Gisela Navy Blue-Ecru

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Mixed Cotton Colours:
1 brick red - 2 bordeaux - 3 dark green - 4 olive green - 5 saffron - 6 brown - 7 black - 8 ecru - 9 light blue - 10 indigo - 11 navy blue - 12 purple.

This dress has been designed with the aim to create a comfortable garment whilst maintaining an authentically medieval design. It is wider at the hip, and has lacing only at the back. The wide trumpet sleeves have a clever opening thus allowing your hands to move freely.

The dress falls wide, and touches the floor (length of hem is ca 350cm). The dark navy blue fabric is combined with a wide insert in a lighter (slightly transparent) material at the front; the low neck line is square shaped.

The sleeves have a contrasting white lining, and the lacing at the back is also white.

The dress is made of mixed cotton/polyester. Machine wash, 40C.
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