Friedrich Bordeaux-Saffron

Price: 125 GBP     

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Mixed Cotton Colours:
1 brick red - 2 bordeaux - 3 dark green - 4 olive green - 5 saffron - 6 brown - 7 black - 8 ecru - 9 light blue - 10 indigo - 11 navy blue - 12 purple.

A gown very common in medieval times, and designed after historic drawings (around 13th Century). Long openings at the front and back of the costume provide flexibility and comfort.

The bordeaux main material provides a beautiful contrast to the lining in saffron. The surcoat is reversable, so the saffron can be worn on the outside. Which means two costumes at the price of one.

The pictured belt is not included.

The gown is made of mixed cotton/polyester. Machine wash, 40C.
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