Eleonore and Agnes

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Mixed Cotton Colours:
1 brick red - 2 bordeaux - 3 dark green - 4 olive green - 5 saffron - 6 brown - 7 black - 8 ecru - 9 light blue - 10 indigo - 11 navy blue - 12 purple.

A combination of our dresses Eleonore and Agnes which can be combined to great effect.

The undergown Eleonore has been named after Eleanor of Aquitaine who introduced the fashion of lacing at the waist in the Twelfth Century. The extra long sleeves also date back to that time; they are put into small folds at the lower arm. The gown can be worn as dress or as under-garment. It is designed to touch the floor, and large folds run from the waist down to a hem of 350cm. A triple lacing (on both sides and at the back) allows for perfect adjustment to your size.

Agnes is an open gown made according to an authentic medieval design of the mid 14th Century that can be worn over the other costums of our range. The gown features a “mi-parti” pattern, and it falls very wide, touching the ground. The sleeve openings are made in a style called "window-to-hell" which means they are open all the way down to the hip. The top part has been lined in a contrasting colour.

Both items are made of the same mixed cotton/polyester material. Machine wash, 40C.
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