Accessories & Other

Long Hood
Adaptation of various medieval headgear.
Price: 42 GBP
The mark of a married woman in the Middle Ages.
Price: 25 GBP
Small Veil
Supplement for a pennant or chaplet.
Price: 17 GBP
Kruseler Wimpel
With special kruseler-elements.
Price: 33 GBP
Reversible Ladies' Gugel
An ideal complement for your garment. Available in all colors.
Price: 50 GBP
black velvet headdress with braiding
Price: 22 GBP
Simple Coif
Authentic Coif.
Price: 16 GBP
Coif with Lining
Coif lined in a contrasting colour
Price: 19 GBP
Reversible Coif
Coif with lining, Reversible
Price: 19 GBP
Chaperon hat
reversible head dress
Price: 25 GBP
Beret with peacock feather
multi-coloured beret with peacock feather
Price: 30 GBP
Reversible Men's Gugel
Price: 50 GBP
Y-belt with gold or silver trim
Price: 30 GBP
Satin Belt
Satin belt, with metal rosary or bells
Price: 39 GBP
Cloth Pouch
For your phone, money, camera or other items.
Price: 30 GBP
Multi-coloured Reversible Cloak
Price: 101 GBP
Cloak with hood
Ankle-long Cloak with 'Gugel' hood, reversible
Price: 119 GBP
Gift Voucher
For any occasion, with a value of your choice (in Pound Sterling or Euros).
Price: 25 GBP