Reversible Men's Gugel

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Mixed Cotton Colours:
1 brick red - 2 bordeaux - 3 dark green - 4 olive green - 5 saffron - 6 brown - 7 black - 8 ecru - 9 light blue - 10 indigo - 11 navy blue - 12 purple.

This Gugel used to be the head dress of men of all classes and at all occassions. It can also be worn underneath a gown.

The Gugel is made with a lining, and with two colours - it is reversible, and can thus be combined with various different costumes.

The lower pictures show a variation of how the Gugel can be worn (late medieval period).

One Size. The pictured Gugel is in the colour combination Dark Green/Red.

The item is made of mixed cotton/polyester. Machine wash, 40C.
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