About Dornbluth

Dornbluth is a costume tailor based in Germany. Our company address:

Tom Ross Webworks
Grünberger Str. 33
10245 Berlin

VAT ID No. DE240711925

We sign responsible for all fashion designs, software and media contents presented on this page. © Tom Ross Webworks 2006-2014


We currently do not offer phone or personal service.

Note: for security reasons, we can only send a reply to the e-mail address associated with your account. If your e-mail address has changed you should change the e-mail address associated with your account. We cannot provide you with information about another customer's account, even if they are a relative or gift recipient.

Not receiving replies from Dornbluth?

If you've tried to contact us in the past but haven't receive a reply, your Internet Service Provider or e-mail program may be filtering e-mails from dornbluth.co.uk. Please check the content of those filters and consult your e-mail program's help pages to find out how to change or remove the settings that filter or block e-mails from dornbluth.co.uk. It may also be worth contacting your Internet Service Provider or System Administrator to ask them why you're not receiving dornbluth.co.uk e-mails.
Frequently Asked Questions

How much is shipping?

In Europe 6.95 GBP per order, outside Europe 9.95 GBP per item.

How can I pay?

Please use Paypal, the number one online payment service. Paypal works with all popular credit cards. We also accept bank transfers (on request).

Do you offer large sizes?

We are glad to offer dresses in all sizes. There will be surcharges starting at 5 £ for very large or tall sizes (e.g. for ladies' dresses wider than 126 cm at the chest or longer than 160 cm). Unfortunately, these cannot be calculated directly on the website at the moment. We apologize! If there is a surcharge, we will contact you immediately after you have ordered.

Which colours can I choose from?

You can choose from a choice of colours as listed on each product page; more colours may be available upon request. If a dress is made of 2 (or more) differently coloured materials, you are free to put together a combination of 2 (or more) colours accordingly.

Please bear in mind that darker fabrics may shine through the lighter ones. We therefore recommend you do not choose a very bright colour as the main material.

Can you send the dress already within a few days?

Please note that our usual term of preparation is about one week or as stated on the product page. Likewise, international shipping can take at least several days. In exceptional circumstances we can try to send the dress quicker but this cannot be guaranteed as we strive to provide the same good service to all customers equally. Please contact us if you would like to ask for Express Delivery.

Please do not order the dress if you are unsure whether there will be enough time to deliver.

Will I need to wear a crinoline (hoop skirt) with the dress?

Most dresses are pictured with a crinoline; however, they also look beautiful when worn without. Please add 1.25 cm to the length of your dress for each meter of the crinoline’s circumference (e.g. 2.5 cm extra length for a 2 m crinoline).