Albert Light Blue-Navy Blue

Price: 55 GBP     

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Mixed Cotton Colours:
1 brick red - 2 bordeaux - 3 dark green - 4 olive green - 5 saffron - 6 brown - 7 black - 8 ecru - 9 light blue - 10 indigo - 11 navy blue - 12 purple.

This Tunic which reaches down to the thigh can be made up to a length of 90 cm if desired. The sides have slits up to the hip and the neck also has a slit and opens slightly and shows a lining in a contrasting colour.

This short tunic can be combined with our long tunic, see lower picture (long tunic is not included but can be purchased separately).

The dress is made of mixed cotton/polyester. Machine wash, 40C.
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